9 Best Sex Games for Couples

After having sex with the same partner for a while, things may start to get a little repetitive. Maybe you both always end up doing the same positions; perhaps you guys have practically cut foreplay out, or maybe you’re looking to do something different for a special night. If you’re one of these people, or just feeling a little playful, then you might want to try introducing some sexy games into your bedroom. Playing games add structure to your lovemaking and is a sure way to spice things up. Here are a couple of dirty games to play in bed or elsewhere.

Sex Dice

While these may seem timid and somewhat cliché since sex dice have been around forever, these are a great way to add a little spice. You don’t even need actual sexy dice to play. Assign different body parts and actions or positions to each number on a die and give them a toss!

Set up punishments if your partner isn’t willing to perform one of the acts, like licking feet. Decide what filthy things they have to do if they chicken out, and for how long.

Role Playing

The easiest way to have a little extra fun in the bedroom is to use your imagination! Draw inspiration from your dirtiest fantasies. Act out some doctor/patient action, invest in a sexy maid costume and see where that takes you.

Do you have a favorite movie couple? Or two characters from a TV show that you both are hoping get together? If you’re a total nerd something involving slave Leia or Star Trek might be more up your ally.

Honestly, you don’t need anything to role play, but buying some props might make the fantasy feel more real and thus more intense. Ask your man/lady what their fantasies are and make them a reality.

Sexy Truth or Dare

This is another classic that already tends to be dirty. However, you can make this a whole lot filthier for you and your partner. Maybe keep the ‘truths’ to a minimum unless you’re asking them to tell you about their fantasies. Come up with some dirty dares beforehand.

The best part about this particular game is that it gets communication flowing. By daring your partner, you’re communicating to them that you like a certain sex act, and by asking them to tell you a truth about their desires you’re paving the way for further pleasure.

Hot or Cold: Body Edition

This is a fun one to get your lover to touch all over your body. Pick a body part and keep it in mind. Then have them kiss all over your body until they get it right. You can give them hints by telling them if they’re getting warmer or colder. Or better yet don’t give them any hints at all.

This is a great way for you and your lover to explore each other’s bodies. You also are bound to find out where they like to be kissed.

Time Bomb

If you find you’re lacking in the foreplay department lately, then this is the game for you. Set a timer on your phone or your microwave or what have you. Then commence foreplay. That means no penetration, no oral sex, just touching and kissing. When the timer goes off, then you’re allowed to bang.

Foreplay can end up becoming rather short lived or in some cases a rarity with couples. With this game, you’re forced to warm each other up. This is also a great way to get a lady aroused enough to orgasm easier.

Strip Poker, or more realistically Strip Anything

Making a game out of taking your clothes off is always a favorite. Strip Poker has been a popular party game since – well – since forever. Shuffle up some cards and get gradually get naked. To make this game a little more fun add in some stakes. What dirty sex act will the loser have to perform? What happens if one of you gets a flush or a full house? Set some rules before you start.

Don’t feel like playing poker? Don’t know how or don’t feel like thinking, just sexing? Play strip Go-fish. It requires a little less brain power and can be just as fun.

Better yet, skip the party and stay in. Play strip beer pong in the comfort of your own home. It’s sexier, and you don’t have to worry about arguing with some bro over what the house rules are. Fill up a cup with some beer, or wine, or water and throw your own party with your partner.

Strip or Messy Twister

This is another game where you can easily make it about taking your clothes off. Take a trip to the store if you don’t already have a Twister mat of your own. If you break the rules take a piece of clothing off! Set a punishment for whoever ends up naked first, or better yet play until you’re both completely disrobed.

I don’t usually condone cheating, but in this case, I do. Give your partner a little push if they’re ahead of you, or if you really just want them to take their pants off.

The best part about this game opposed to Strip Poker, or anything of the like, is that Twister gets you close together. Sure you’ll be in awkward positions and will wind up all tangled up in each other, but isn’t that what the Kama Sutra seeks to accomplish anyway?

Another sexy variation on this game is messy twister. Buy non-toxic, washable paint in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. For the sake of your carpet, lay down a large tarp and pour the paint in the circles on the twister mat. Strip down to a bathing suit or underwear you don’t care about, or hell, just go naked and play! You’ll be covered in paint and tangled up in each other in no time.

Love is Art Kit

Like to have sex? Like abstract art? Buy a Love is Art Kit! The goal is to create a secretly sexy piece of art by rolling around in paint and loving each other down all over the canvas. The kits come with a tarp, canvas, and specially formulated paint so it won’t give you a rash on your junk.

They come in several different color combinations with different colored canvases. It also makes for a great surprise for a special occasion or date night.

Predator vs Prey
This is a game for the kinkier couples who like it rough. Give each other roles; one is the predator and the other is the prey. They goal of the prey is to keep themselves as far away from the predator as possible or even to get out of the room. On the other hand, the predator’s goal is to have sex with the prey.

This game is sure to end in giggles and wrestling. It’s bound to get your blood pumping – and the juices flowing. With any kinky or rough sex make sure to always set a safe word.

Now that you’re armed with this wealth of sexy information be sure to call your lover and tell them to come over for a night of fun and games.

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