5 Great Places to Have Sex in Public

Sex tends to be a very private thing, especially when you’re in the comfort of your own home. But what if you weren’t at home, or even in a home for that matter, and instead were out in public where there’s the potential of being seen by bystanders? Would this scare you and throw you off your game, or get your heart racing and make it some of the best sex you’ve ever had? To be honest, you won’t fully know until you try it. Having sex in public places can be risky and dangerous at times, but it is hot and exhilarating every time.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your love life or you simply live at home with mom and dad, here’s a list of the top five places to have sex in public.

1) The Library

The library is easily the riskiest place to have public sex, but also the most arousing in my opinion. The quiet atmosphere and long hallways make it very difficult not to be seen or heard, but that is what makes it all the more fun. There’s air conditioning, usually multiple floors to choose from and sometimes even private study rooms that could be used. But shoving her up against a shelf of Encyclopedias and hearing nothing but our body’s movements and heavy breathing as we use our best efforts to muffle our moans seems a lot more exciting than a private room.

There are a few tips you should know and strongly consider before attempting such a feat, though, as having sex in public is illegal and can earn you jail time or stiff fines and penalties. The first tip is to simply choose a library with not a lot of people. Obvious enough, but sometimes you may overestimate the amount of privacy within the library or the size of the library itself. The last thing you need is 6-year-old Billy turning the corner and being exposed to his first sexual experience when all he wanted was to find the books about Dinosaurs.

Another tip is to choose one of the higher floors. Some may argue that you should stay on the first or second floor in case you need a quick getaway, but I recommend just doing your best not to get caught in the first place so you won’t need any getaway at all. With that being said, choose one of the higher floors to do your lovemaking and go as far in the back as possible. Granted, you should scope out each and every floor beforehand and make your decision after doing so, but the top floors tend to be less crowded most of the time.

If you find yourself aroused by the possible dangers of public sex in the library then more power to you and good luck. Just make sure to hide well enough and do your best to stay quiet…it’s the rules.

2) A Car

Oh having sex in the car, classic. Easily your safest and least vulnerable option for public sex, having a car makes the world your oyster. Whether you just finished a romantic date and cannot wait till you get home, or you simply have no better place to get some privacy, having sex in the car is a pretty awesome experience.

Yes, it can be extremely uncomfortable, but with enough effort and a little imagination you’ll forget in a matter of seconds that your hair is nearly caught in the seatbelt or that your leg keeps hitting the cup holder. After a few moments of trial and error, you’ll both discover positions that work wonderfully that usually wouldn’t elsewhere.

The best part about having sex in the car is that you can do it nearly anywhere. Know a cool lookout that shows the whole city lit up at night? Cool, drive your car there, park and make your move. Know a cool spot where airplanes fly just hundreds of feet overhead and you can feel the engines roar? Super cool, drive there, park and do your thing. Anywhere a car can legally be parked—and is deemed safe and private—you can make it your lovemaking spot day or night, rain or shine.

3) Public Park

Making love in a public park is the most dangerous option on this list, but feeling the sunlight on your back or being able to look up at the stars can make it all worth it. Huge tip right from the get-go: do not perform this escapade while children are present. This can result in sexual predator charges and life as you know it will cease to exist. In this case, the risk is not worth the reward. With that being said, plan to go at night. This minimizes your chances of being caught and allows you to be a bit freer with your excitement.

When choosing your location at the park, atop a big grassy hill is not your best option. It may seem like a nice, romantic spot and would probably be totally awesome, but fines and sex charges are not. Look around for trees and bushes, anything you can position yourselves behind and blend into. A nice grassy spot under a big tree is ideal; just make sure the surrounding area is void of any trail paths or public restrooms. There are also benches and tables at most parks that could easily be utilized, just make sure there aren’t too many lights or even cameras around.

No matter your final resting place, simply enjoy being outside and in Mother Nature as she created you, naked and horny.

4) Movie Theatre

What’s great about having sex in the movie theater is that it’s nearly always an option. There are movies playing throughout the entire day, every day, and it’s always dark. The biggest downside to this option is the privacy; which is virtually nonexistent.

No matter how far back you sit or how empty the theater is, there will always be theater ushers frequently walking into the theater and making sure nothing has blown up or no one is dead. If the movie is crowded then they shouldn’t be a problem as they won’t have time to focus on you long enough, but if that’s the case, then you have to worry about the crowded theater and all other moviegoers.

Many times, “all the way” is out of the question and you have to settle for some foreplay. This is usually the safest bet in a situation like this, as getting caught won’t be easily forgiven or forgotten by theater staff.

5) A Fitting Room

A fitting room is a very exciting place to have public sex because it usually stems from a spur-of-the-moment decision. Maybe your girlfriend is trying on some new lingerie and you couldn’t help but sneak in with her to see how it looks. After seeing how great it looks on her, you then decide it’d look even better on the floor and things soon get hot and steamy.

No matter the case or the moments leading up to it, having sex in a fitting room is also very dangerous as they usually aren’t very private and are monitored by store employees. That being said, it is smart to be peculiar with the fitting room you choose. You do not want to choose one that has easy-to-see blinds, nor one where both of your feet will be showing. It is essential to enter when the attendant isn’t present and to keep noise to a minimum, just as you would in the library.

Many fitting rooms have multiple stalls lined up next to each other. Remember that children also use these stalls and to pick your moment wisely when the time is right. Getting caught will result in store security holding you until Police Officers arrive and deal with you properly. Just as I said before, having sex in a fitting room is virtually illegal and can result in serious punishment.

No matter the place or time, having public sex can be very enlightening and fun, but also revealing and terrifying. Please remember to respect the wishes of your partner and to not force anything that may make them feel uncomfortable. It is also vital to remember that having sex in public is illegal and can result in jail time or serious punishment if caught. Whether you go bold and choose the library or play it safe and stick with your car, have fun and be safe!  Ready to find a new sexual partner?  Head over to justbang.com the #1 site to find free sex with someone new tonight.

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